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Take a Stake in New Barbados Retreat

Santosha, a new property penned for development on Barbados’s east coast, wants to encourage percentage shares in the hotel. Santosha will operate as a normal hotel yet its developers, Jim and Lynn McGowan, are offering equity membership in the retreat with each investor becoming a part owner of the property.It has been set up to offer a secure investment by having the shares of the owning company as well as the real estate deeds held in trust by a professional trustee for the benefit of all members.

An equity member investment of US$110,000 (approximately £57,000 at the current rate of exchange), plus payment of annual dues, will give the owner 21 days half board at Santosha every year plus other significant benefits including daily use of the spa, fitness centre and yoga and meditation rooms plus significant golfing concessions at the nearby Sandy Lane course.

Members can sell their stake in the property at any time they choose with the sale price based on the current market value of an equity membership.