Breaking Travel News Recognized for Contribution to Tourism Industry has received an
award from USVI Department of Tourism and the USVI Hotel and Tourism
Association because of its contribution to hotel bookings in the islands.
Expedia was recognized in a ceremony in early April for being the
largest online distributor for hotels in the islands, having booked more
room nights in the US Virgin Islands than any other online travel service.

“We are pleased to receive this recognition from our partners in the
Caribbean,” noted Laura Veglia, regional director for Expedia. “We have
worked very closely with our hotel and other partners in the Caribbean
region to actively promote their products to shoppers on our sites to
ensure their success. Clearly that effort is resonating with consumers as
well since we have been successful driving more bookings in the US Virgin
Islands than any other online travel service.”

“Expedia has shown a great commitment to the tourism industry in the US
Virgin Islands,” said Beverly Nicholson, president of the USVI Hotel and
Tourism Assocation. “This is the second time Expedia has been recognized
for its contributions, further evidence that the work they do on behalf of
our hoteliers to help actively promote their properties has paid off, to
the benefit of both the USVI hotels and Expedia.”

Nearly 20 million people come to Expedia’s sites around the world each
month looking for travel options, providing an enormous marketplace for
hoteliers to promote their properties.