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MTC Travel Channel Launches in the Middle East

MTC is the first travel & entertainment channel in the Middle East covering the latest travel news, information & tourist attractions around the world.

MTC is primarily an Arabic language channel, yet other foreign languages are featured. MTC is broadcasted on the Egyptian Nile Sat 101 & 102. It covers the Middle East, Gulf area and it can be reached through small satellites in Western Europe, Asia and Middle Africa.

The aim behind establishing such a specialized travel & entertainment channel is to support the travel & tourism industry worldwide while particularly aiming at promoting the Middle East & European tourism as part of the tourist services which MTC Channel is providing. Sony Music international and Star Company are the driving power behind MTC’s entertainment section and programs.

MTC Channel broadcasts weekly programs promoting different tourist places through interesting reviews from the Middle East in order to give the audience a full idea about these places in addition to providing travel packages and booking services. This provides the audience with the opportunity to plan and book holidays through the TV