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AirTran Launches Five New TV Spots

As AirTran Airways continues to soar, the airline is
launching five new television advertising spots as part of its Go campaign
to illustrate how the low-fare carrier breaks down consumers’ travel
barriers. Launched in early 2003, the Go campaign challenges flyers to take charge
of their travel plans, whether they are hopping a plane to solve a client
problem or for a spur of the moment getaway. Developed by the airline’s
agency of record, Cramer-Krasselt of Chicago, the new television spots
debut this week in Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, Dallas/Fort Worth,
Newport News, Va., and Richmond, Va.

“The consumer response to our television advertising has been
overwhelmingly positive. Like our other commercials, these five new spots
use humor in a very effective way to demonstrate to our consumers that
AirTran Airways gives them what they want—low fares, new planes,
affordable Business Class and friendly Crew Members,” said Tad Hutcheson,
director of marketing, AirTran Airways. “We are very pleased with the new

The Go campaign uses comic situations to dramatize how AirTran Airways
makes it possible to get where you need to be when you need to be there.

In “Conference Call”, employees gather around a conference table while the
boss is talking. One employee begins imitating the boss not realizing the
boss is actually in the room, but since AirTran Airways offers affordable
fares, the boss can afford to fly in to the meeting instead of using a
speakerphone. The employee is embarrassed when the boss says, “This is not
a conference call…I am actually in the room.”

In “Channeling”, a business executive takes a seat on an older jet. As he
buckles his seatbelt and begins to smell a strange odor, the camera cuts
to shots of people who have occupied the same seat in the past—a
businessman in a 1970’s leisure suit puffing on a cigarette (back when
smoking was permitted on an aircraft), a mother with a child with a messy
diaper, a couple from the 80’s kissing, a lady who gets sick from flying,
etc. The voiceover then announces, “A plane with a long history? Not a
good thing.” The on- screen text then states that AirTran Airways has the
youngest all-Boeing fleet in the country.


These new spots represent the company’s first new television commercials
in more than two years, and are combined with additional radio, print,
online and outdoor advertising that promotes the company’s product
offerings and fares.