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easyJet Out to Target the Business Traveller

easyJet, Europe’s leading low cost airline today announces a major new campaign targeting business travellers. The campaign aims to communicate the key benefits of flying with easyJet and is part of easyJet’s drive to raise the profile of its offering to the business passenger in the ever competitive airline industry.To kick-start the campaign, businesses travellers arriving at Heathrow Terminal 1 today were greeted by much more than just the usual round of chauffeurs and corporate drivers.Ê Awaiting them in the arrivals lobby, they were greeted by some helpful advise courtesy of easyJet. A series of supposed Chauffeurs and taxi drivers held up bright orange boards informing passengers that they could have “saved a packet” by flying with easyJet.

Over the past 12 months, easyJet has delivered many new and exciting product developments for the business passenger. These include introducing Europe’s most generous hand baggage allowance, a 30 minute check in window allowing passengers more time in the office, and free transfers to earlier flights where possible if a meeting should finish earlier than expected.

As the consumer champion, easyJet believe that for many years other airlines including traditional airlines have been misleading and consequently ripping off business travellers, by persuading them that they need a host of frills such as in-flight meals, executive lounges and frequent flier points, all of which come with a premium price tag. easyJet are determined to ensure that business travellers are aware that there is a better and smarter choice of airline and aim to illustrate this through a new advertising creative and multimedia campaign delivered in collaboration with creative support from The Bank and media buying from OMD UK.

easyJet believe that what the modern business traveller really needs and wants, is a professional, punctual, network strong, great value carrier like easyJet. An airline that makes the business travel simple, not stuffy.

easyJet, unlike other low cost airlines, offers a real alternative for business travellers. easyJet only fly to major airports (61 key European airports) not to airfields and have an extensive European network (203 routes) and schedule that can seriously challenge its competitors -Airlines which easyJet believe are overrated, overpriced and out of touch with the modern business traveller’s needs.


Rebecca Butler, easyJet’s Marketing Manager comments, “We are very excited about this new campaign, as this year is going to be a very important one for our business passengers. We believe that easyJet is the smarter choice for the business traveller and that over the coming months, more and more business travellers will make the decision to fly with the airline that makes business travel simple and affordable.”