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Goody finds herself in trouble on the island of Barbados

By Ben KilbeyJade Goody, possibly the UK’s most famous Big Brother contestant, has landed herself in trouble on the Caribbean island of Barbados. What was meant to be a relaxing break on the idyllic retreat turned into a scuffle resulting in an old school friend being arrested and bailed, charged with assault and theft.Jade will have to attend a local court when she accompanies Ex-schoolmate David Haye, 24, who will appear in the dock on Thursday.

The reality TV star came to blows with a fellow British holidaymaker, Simon Smith, as he harassed Goody and took pictures on a digital camera. The events unfolded outside the luxury and World Travel Award winning Almond Beach Resort.

Hayes - reported as a British cruiserweight boxer - is alleged to have intercepted Smith and is reported as ‘lashing out’ and taking a memory card from the photographic device.

The UK’s Daily Mirror writes that;

‘Jade, 23, insisted Londoner Smith was to blame for the bust-up by grabbing hold of one of her friends as they sunbathed.’


The paper continues to report how Goody insists that the fault lies with Mr. Smith;

“He started the trouble. David was just sticking up for us. I don’t mind anyone taking my picture. I’m a people person.”

Goody had not seen the boxer, who she knew from school days, for eight years until she bumped into him on the leading Caribbean island.

We are sure that when looking back Mr. Hayes will be very happy that he bumped into the ‘star’ whilst trying to have a relaxing holiday.