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Karen Ford-Warner speaks of ‘exciting new addition’ at STC-7

An exciting new feature has been added to the programme for the 7th Annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development (STC-7) scheduled for April 26-29, 2005 in Tobago.
The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) will introduce a round table discussion aimed at helping delegates identify avenues to market Caribbean products that are in accordance with sustainable tourism principles.

The panel on marketing and promotion will cover topics such as special channels for niche marketing, cooperative marketing for small operators and cost-effective methods to reach potential customers.

“The Caribbean has so much to offer in terms of adventure and ecotourism, from scuba diving and sailing to trekking, hiking and bird watching. It’s the perfect place to go, especially in the winter,” said Marianela Chevalier, the sales and marketing director for Caribbean Adventure Magazine, the North American consumer publication
focusing on adventure travel and ecotourism in the Caribbean.

“And Caribbean countries have to take advantage of the opportunities that these present.”

Ms. Chevalier, one of the presenters at the round table, said the discussion would focus on the various approaches to be considered when promoting and marketing this aspect of the region’s tourism, especially in North America.


“The most important thing is to understand what tools and what elements are most effective at this moment to promote and advertise the destinations and products that subscribe to sustainable tourism practices,” she said.

The round table will be held on Wednesday 27th April, the first working day of the conference. Also down to make presentations are Hugh Hough, President of Green Team Advertising in the United States and specialised travel writer Theresa Storm, a freelance travel journalist and winner of the 2004 CTO / Bill Baxter Canadian Travel Writer of the Year award.

“This is an exciting new addition which brings added value to the conference programme as we seek to strengthen the event every year,” said Karen Ford-Warner, CTO’s acting secretary general. “It is a session that everyone involved in the promotion and marketing of sustainable tourism should attend.”

STC-7 is organised by CTO in collaboration with the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and in conjunction with the government of Trinidad and Tobago.