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Award Winning QBuster to Beat Long Airport Queues in Europe

QBuster, a mobile alternative to the traditional check-in counter, was recently unveiled by aviation software provider JKCS.QBuster is the revolutionary answer to a critical operational problem faced by airlines that serve busy airports. It helps avert excess airport queuing that can initially lead to congestion and ultimately delayed flights. The solution has over five years of airline domain expertise backing its R&D effort and has also bagged the Gold Award in R&D at National Best Quality Software Awards.

It is a wireless device that enables airport ground staff to move around the customer service area and check in passengers. It allows airport personnel to check the reservation of a passenger, assign seating, and issue boarding cards. QBuster generates incremental cost savings for airlines by removing the need to add extra customer service counters.

It is implemented on PDAs with wireless connectivity and is designed to offer maximum mobility to airport staff. It can also be deployed on self-service kiosks.

Q-Buster targets the no-frills airline industry for which it creates a competitive advantage. Budget airlines habitually operate out of small airports in busy metropolises. They often face airport overcrowding with queue waiting times extending over one hour. Q-Buster can check in a passenger in less than three minutes.