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Spa Mosaic

By Erin Skrypek

Set in the Art Deco hotel, the Hilton Arc de Triomphe, Paris, Spa Mosaic offers a perfect place for visitors to unwind after a hectic day of meetings, shopping, or if they just need to pay a little attention to their mind and body.

The colorful assortment of tiny tiles on the floors and walls at Spa Mosaic give the spa not only its name, but also a fresh, clean feeling that adds a charismatic touch to what can often be a sterile environment. The spa has 10 treatment rooms and they are often entirely booked - both hotel guests and residents in the immediate area are fans of this relaxing spot.The spa creates its own “Mosaic” treatments exclusively using products from Carita and Decléor. I tried the Rénovateur Revitalisant Corps, which is a three-part body treatment that starts with an exfoliating scrub, followed by a body wrap, and finishes with a hot stone massage. All the products used for this program are Carita and altogether it lasts about 105 minutes.

Before the treatment I was free to use the sauna, hydro-tonic bath with massage jets or have a traditional steam bath, unfortunately, these specific facilities are unisex and I didn’t bring my bathing suit. So I went straight into the treatment room and prepared for Annaick to give me a “radiance peeling” with Carita’s Renovating Mineral Power-Radiance Peeling. The Carita emulsion felt gooey when applied, but after she rubbed it into my skin, it eventually dried into a putty-like substance that rolled off in tiny exfoliating balls that scrubbed away the dry, dead skin that composes our first layer of skin.

When this process was done, the table looked like it had been soused with dark sand, much of which clung to me, so I rinsed off in the shower that was right in the room next to my treatment table.


Next a revitalizing body mask was applied and I was wrapped in cling film and covered with a gigantic towel. While I lay in my cocoon, Annaick applied a tiny stone between my eyes and gently - exceedingly gently - massaged my face with two more stones of the same caliber. This was my favorite part of the entire treatment. I nearly fell asleep by the time she finished and moved onto my feet. After Annaick finished with my feet, she left me in my wrap for another 15 or 20 minutes before I returned to the shower again.

Now came the hot stone massage with Carita’s Satining Mineral Power Dry Oil, a moisturizing oil that is optimally absorbed so I wouldn’t have to take yet another shower.
Hot stoned were applied behind my neck and placed in the palms of my hands while Annaick massaged my back and arms with two large, flat, warm stones. Moving on from my back on to my legs, Annaick left a trail of stones along my spine. The heat from the stones lasted until she was finished.

The entire experience was wonderfully relaxing and left my skin softer than it has felt in ages. Even though I my soft new skin was a result of all the treatments, I still bought a bottle of the dry oil in hopes that it would keep my skin feeling as smooth at home.

After my treatment I retired to a lovely Art Deco room and the Executive floor of the hotel. My room had a plush bed covered in big white pillows and a marble bathroom full of products. Products at the bath, products in the shower, products by the sink. I was given a loofa and even a
single-use Carita relaxing eye mask, which must have been intended for the tired execs who fly in late at night and get up in time for 7am meetings - certainly not for someone who just finished a renovating, three-part body treatment. 

After working a bit in my room, I went down the hall to take advantage of the Executive Lounge. I choose a coffee and biscuits over the
complimentary champagne and wine and savory snacks. Had I a few more minutes to relax, I would have sat down at one of the tables and read from a selection of newspapers and journals, but I needed to go back to my room and finish what I was doing. I work for a few more hours before I realized it was after10:30 and I hadn’t had dinner. Not willing to change out of my bathrobe, I called room service and ordered the crab and avocado salad, roasted lamb with spinach, and chose a bottle of 1997 Chateau Margaux. Less than 30 minutes later my meal came steaming hot next to a duo of pink roses. I couldn’t think of a better way to end my day. The food was excellent and the wine subtle and full of woody tones, exactly how it should be.

Everything at the Hilton Arc de Triomphe was exactly how it should be, and then some more. The hotel truly offers an experience as refined as its 1930’s decor. The Executive Floors of the hotel are ideal for guests who need the comfort and conveniences that are often overlooked in hotels of the same class. Spa Mosaic is reason alone to visit this hotel, not to mention the friendly service and impeccably designed rooms.