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Travel Incorporated Announces Galaxynet V3.5 Upgrade

Travel Incorporated’s Travel Technology subsidiary has just released an upgrade to its widely acclaimed GalaxyNet web-based reporting system. Since 1998 GalaxyNet has revolutionized the way corporations manage their travel data. Through the integration of dashboard and analyzer technologies, GalaxyNet 3.1 gave travel managers the ability to manage air travel in a true real-time environment, within 30 minutes of ticketing. With the release of version 3.5, they can now enjoy the added benefit of managing the cost of cars and hotels in that same real-time environment.

Hotel and car expenses are a large percentage of the cost of business travel; in some cases their combined costs can outweigh the price of an airline ticket. As these costs are expected to increase an additional three to seven percent during 2005, travel managers looking to improve their scorecards will be very enthusiastic about the benefits of GalaxyNet 3.5.

“Through the release of GalaxyNet 3.5, Travel Incorporated has taken action to arm our clients with cutting-edge technology that is essential to combat these rising costs”, said Mike Brown, President, Travel Incorporated.

Travel Managers using GalaxyNet 3.5 can quickly access, analyze and research a live display of airline, car and hotel pricing. This information allows them to be proactive in managing their company’s travel. For example, they can immediately take action when GalaxyNet 3.5 Hotel Analyzer alerts them of unexpected travel to a destination without negotiated rates. Thousands of dollars can be saved when this information is acted upon before travel takes place. Additional savings opportunities can be uncovered with the Policy Compliance Summary provided by GalaxyNet Dashboard. This at-a-glance report gives Travel Managers complete information on policy violations - with detailed drilldown capabilities - allowing them the opportunity to make changes that are necessary to maximize their travel budget.

“This up-to-the-minute information is crucial for Travel Managers who are searching for new ways to reduce their travel expenditures”, says Brown.Ê “Possessing such powerful internal controls is critical in the new Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory environment.”