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Rihiveli Beach Resort to Reopen for Business

Rihiveli Beach Resort - Maldives, managed by Singapore-based hospitality management company HPL Hotels & Resorts, is pleased to announce that the resort is scheduled to reopen for business on 14 March 2005, after closing for repairs from the damages sustained by tsunami.  Rihiveli updates as follows:—Tsunami waves hit the resort in the early morning of 26 December 2004
- The force of the impact was of a smaller scale, and the resort has sustained some severe damages in limited areas
- Damages sustained on the resort island were the laundry room, restaurant, reception, main jetty, diving school, carpentry area and a number of bungalows
- Electricity, fresh water supply, generators, kitchen, bar and the offices resumed operation a few days after the tsunamis hit
- There were no casualties and the resort arranged for early departure of all guests within 48 hours after the tsunamis
- The resort has since been closed for repairs and is now scheduled to resume operation by 14 March 2005.  All free water sports and land activities will also be available

Rihiveli is located at the South Atoll of Maldives, an hour by speedboat from the capital - Male.  The resort consists of 48 individual thatched-roof bungalows, each with its own garden and hammock.  Facilities and services include - restaurant, bar, two Virgin Islands where picnic lunches can be arranged, water sports activities and excursions.