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Flight Attendants Slam US Airways

Flight attendants reacted with
outrage today to US Airways’ motion to abrogate its collective bargaining
agreements with three of its organized work groups, including the
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. “Management is moving to shred its contracts, while at the same time
claiming that it would prefer a consensual agreement with its workers,”
said Perry Hayes, president of the AFA Master Executive Council at US
Airways. “This naked attempt at intimidation demonstrates the company’s
contempt for its workers and for the collective bargaining process.”

US Airways’ motion, filed today in federal bankruptcy court in Alexandria,
Virginia, is a three-pronged attack on employees. It seeks to:

* Scrap its collective bargaining agreements under Section 1113 of the
U.S. Bankruptcy code, * Slash retiree health benefits under Section 1114;
and * Terminate its defined benefit pension plans.

In addition to the AFA, work groups represented by the Communications
Workers of America and the International Association of Machinists and
Aerospace Workers have also been targeted by the legal action.

“It remains our desire to reach an agreement that will ensure this
company’s survival while protecting our members’ rights,” said Hayes.