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First Sight at the Skyline

The Sheraton Skyline is no longer just a hotel - as of 18 September the hotel now doubles as an Art Galley.Ê Working in partnership with First Sight Fine Art, a contemporary gallery based in Bath, work from 20 artists and sculptors is on show around the hotel.ÊÊÊ The ‘First Sight at the Skyline’ gallery formerly opens on the weekend of the 18/19 September and many of the exhibiting artists will be present to demonstrate their techniques. The gallery is open to both hotel guests and non-residents interested in art and is free entry.Ê Much more than just a lobby show, all the public areas in the hotel have been turned into a major art gallery, with extensive selections of work.Ê

Mike Porter, Managing Director, First Sight, said “We are delighted to have the opportunity of using a space like the Skyline to showcase the work of our artists.Ê It is a great venue and as an airport hotel with lots of guests coming through, the paintings and sculptures will be seen by many people.Ê In addition, as the spaces are so big, over the next two years the Skyline gallery will showcase some spectacular examples of work that simply do not fit into a conventional art gallery”

If a hotel guest falls in love with a piece of art on show, and would like to see it in their home as well as their hotel, then the work is available to buy, starting from £300 going up to £12000 for the serious investors and collectors.

Flavio Bucciarelli, General Manager, Sheraton Skyline Hotel said, “Using our hotel as an art gallery is a great way of utilising the spaces we have.ÊÊ Whether you love or hate the art on show it is a point of interest and if it encourages more people to take an interest in art then we have achieved something!”

Artists who will be exhibiting at the Skyline include Gerry Dudgeon and Laurie Moses.ÊÊ Dudgeon, a graduate of the Camberwell School of Art is exhibiting ‘The Indian Series’ in the West Gallery.Ê This is a series of pictures inspired by a long journey across the Indian sub-continent.ÊÊ Moses is a Bristol based artist who paints dramatic oils inspired by a fusion of sky, sea, land and sunlight, resulting in distinctive light and colour infused landscapes.ÊÊ Other featured artists include Bonnie-Helen Hawkins and Irene Marsh.


In addition to painters using oils, watercolours, pastels and gouache, the gallery also features a range of figurative bronze sculpture, from a number of artists including Benson Landes and Carl Payne.Ê Trained at Stafford College, Payne’s work is incredibly detailed representative sculpture based on mythological and fantastic subjects.

The opening of the gallery follows the recent completion of a $2.5million refurbishment and introduction of new Sheraton Sweet Sleeper beds at the hotel.ÊÊÊ As well as luxurious beds and a new classic décor the refurbished rooms on the first and second floors of the hotel offer a functional workspace for business travellers. The oversized desks have a 2-line speakerphone, international plug sockets, an ergonomically designed chair and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), now in all of the 350 rooms.ÊÊ The hotel also now offers 20 ‘double double’ rooms featuring two Queen size beds - perfect for a family of four to share a room.