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Travelocity Launches First Comprehensive Online Local Car Rental Site

Travelocity, the first online travel site to take the guessing out of rental car taxes and fees with its award-winning TotalPrice(SM) for Cars feature, today becomes the first to offer a comprehensive listing of neighborhood car rental locations and one-way car rental booking options between neighborhood and airport locations. Additionally, Travelocity has further enhanced TotalPrice by becoming the first major online travel site to guarantee that the TotalPrice quoted, which includes the base rate, taxes and fees, is within one percent of the price given during the booking process. If not, Travelocity will pay the difference back to the consumer.

“Local car rentals are the fastest growing segment in the rental car industry,” said Tracey Weber, vice president air and car for Travelocity. “More and more travelers are using neighborhood rental car locations to keep mileage low on their vehicles, and the reliance on mass transit in large urban areas has translated into a growing number of city dwellers renting cars for road trips.”

Car rental shoppers now have faster and easier accessibility to more than 20,000 neighborhood and airport locations across the world. Travelocity customers now also have the ability to pick up and drop off a car at different rental locations, even in different states.

Additional enhancements to Travelocity’s car rental functionality include:

  — A new geo-coding system that provides rental car shoppers with
      timesaving ways to search for a car rental location by
      address, ZIP code or nearby attraction


  -  Search results include a new display grid offering the
      TotalPrice and daily rental rate, along with a map
      highlighting the closest, most relevant location options

  -  In keeping with Travelocity’s new look and feel throughout the
      entire site, an arched progress bar has been added to the top
      of each page on the car rental section to further assist
      consumers during the shopping and booking process

  -  Local and one-way car rental options will also be available on
      Travelocity Business(SM)

“Travelocity has a strong history of innovation, and these new car features help ensure we are on the cutting edge of the industry,” Weber said. “Our goal is to be an advocate for our members by giving them straightforward and competitive pricing and the best choices when looking for car rentals to meet their specific needs. With these new features, we feel we have taken another giant step toward achieving this goal.”

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