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Travelocity Business Enhances Corporate Reservation Process

Travelocity Business today announces it has launched enhanced technologies in its service center that integrate and automate the corporate travel reservation process from beginning to end.  With this powerful, wholly-owned model, Travelocity Business manages the integrated process and service center, which enables it to support its low-cost offering over the long term.  Other major corporate travel agencies rely on outside software providers and or service companies, resulting in higher costs, and making it impossible to predict future costs.  Travelocity Business’ next generation travel center technology helps companies reduce costs, while freeing agents to focus on traveler needs.
“The corporate travel industry has been in a stir since the introduction of $5 booking fees.  Traditional corporate agencies first reacted by questioning whether these prices are sustainable, but they began dropping their prices to remain competitive.  The key to offering lower costs long-term is re-engineering, and integrating all elements of the corporate travel reservation process.  This automated, beginning-to-end solution positions Travelocity Business to help companies drive unnecessary costs out of travel today and into the future, while also providing support when travelers need it the most,” said Tom Wilkinson, senior director, Global Agency Solutions, Travelocity Business.
While minimizing service fees is a key focus of Travelocity Business, it is also helping companies drive down the actual cost of travel.  Through its powerful online booking experience and exclusive deals, Travelocity Business is able to present a broad range of travel choices and then help travelers make travel selections that are convenient for them and cost effective for their company.  This includes helping companies create the most leverage with their travel spend to negotiate and leverage discounts and use discounts secured by Travelocit®? and Travelocity Business.
Added Wilkinson, “Few people are aware of the complexity behind servicing corporate travel, but it is the primary reason companies have been paying high fees to traditional corporate agencies.”  In its wholly-owned and operated service centers, Travelocity Business has built and implemented new automated technology and processes from the ground up designed to give companies a wide range of choices and high levels of service all at a low cost for the long term.