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Cozumel set to give island museum a US£800,000 makeover

A key attraction for tourists, the Museum of the Island of Cozumel will soon be receiving a US$800,000 makeover. The estimated eight-month project is scheduled to begin July 2004, with the museum remaining open to the public throughout this period.  When completed, the museum will boast a more contemporary look and provide visitors with new and enhanced exhibits, interactive displays, and dining facilities.
Continuing to showcase the island’s history and natural environment, the museum will add two new exhibits, “The Colony” and “The Mayas”, to its halls. “The Colony” will be composed of works exclusively dedicated to the Colonial period, extending from the time of Francisco Hernández de Cordoba’s expedition to the repopulation of Cozumel.

“The Mayas” will highlight the pre-Colombian period and will display existing original works along with new informative and interactive presentations. 

Restorations to the current four exhibits will be made as well. Light and sound effects will be added to accentuate each themed environment and to help bring to life the increased number of dioramas, sculptures, and other three-dimensional elements displayed. Various interactive programs and video presentations will be incorporated into existing exhibits, offering museum guests more to see and do.

“The island’s museum is not only important to visitors but to the people of Cozumel as well, so it’s exciting to see it grow,” said Juan Carlos Gonzalez, president of the Cozumel Parks and Museums Foundation.

“We’re very proud of our heritage. Now with the museum expanding, we’ll be able to share even more of our history and culture with our guests.”


The museum will rebuild its facade and redesign interior exhibit spaces to follow a more contemporary style and to create unity throughout the museum, inside and out. The lobby area will be expanded and modernised to combine box office, information services, and gift shop.

To accommodate disabled individuals the museum is adding a handicap access ramp at the entrance, a handicap equipped restroom and an elevator to provide accessibility to the second floor exhibit halls. Plans also include a brand-new dining hall and renovations to the existing restaurant.