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New World Icon Stands Tall in Downtown Dubai

Freshly completed in its majestic 55-storey stature, Emirates’ eye-catching graphic of the Statue of Liberty on Sheikh Zayed Road proclaims the launch of the airline’s non-stop services to New York City, tall and clear to the thousands of drivers approaching Dubai from the west every day.Mike Simon, Emirates’ Senior Vice President Corporate Communications said: “Our record-breaking billboard has done the job for us. It’s created a big buzz in Dubai and has been widely covered by the international news media, helping to raise awareness of our new route to New York.”

The complex work of printing, cutting and assembling the graphic together piece by piece, much like a jigsaw puzzle, has been completed in under four weeks. The 120-metre image of the statue, minus the pedestal, stands loftier by 73 metres than the 47-metre high original in New York’s harbour, and claims title to the world’s tallest window graphic.