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Frontier Airlines’ Ad Campaign Receives Critical Praise

Frontier Airlines today announced that its “Talking Animals” TV and Radio ad campaign, starring Jack the Rabbit, Foxy the Fox, Grizwald the Bear, Flip the Dolphin, Larry
the Lynx and Sal the Cougar, has been the recipient of several national
and local Denver awards recently. The ads feature Frontier’s signature
animals that are prominently displayed on the tails of Frontier’s
aircraft. The ads were launched one year ago as part of a massive
re-branding campaign, “A Whole Different Animal,” to signify Frontier’s
growth, its low fares, customer service, and its on board amenities such
as LiveTV. Announced in the past few months, Frontier’s nationally recognized
campaign has won:

* The Denver Advertising Federation (DAF) “Fame and Fortune” Award: DAF’s
top recognition in the field of advertising since it was first awarded in
1947, only 44 companies have won this prestigious award. The award honors
only one Denver area company or business for its achievement to
successfully build one of Colorado’s outstanding institutions, through
sound advertising, selling, and merchandising. * Four New York Festival
Awards: The New York Festivals International TV, Cinema and Radio
Advertising Awards recognize “The World’s Best Work” in television and
radio consumer advertising and public service announcements. Now in its
47th year, the 2004 competition received over three thousand entries from
55 countries. * Nine Mobius Awards: Originally established in 1971 as the
U.S. Television Commercials Festival for the recognition of Television
Commercials, the event soon added Radio Commercials followed later by
Print Advertising and Package Designs. Shortly thereafter, the name was
changed to The Mobius Advertising Awards. The competition receives
thousands of entries yearly from throughout the world and is recognized
internationally as one of the leading advertising competitions. * One
Cresta Award: The Creative Standards or “Cresta” Award recognizes an
“absolute standard for creative excellence” in advertising and marketing
communications. Entries are judged on the basis of two criteria only: the
originality of the creative idea and the quality of its execution.

“It is eminently gratifying to be recognized by your peers for your
talents and good looks,” said Frontier pitch rabbit, Jack. “Frontier is a
great airline and I am proud of all we have accomplished as a team. We
have a very bright future ahead of us and I can promise you that this campaign is
not one of those ‘hare today, gone tomorrow’ types.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with how well our ads have been received by
our customers, and we are equally proud to be recognized by the
advertising community for the great impact this campaign has had within
that industry,” said Sean Menke, Frontier’s senior vice president of
marketing. “These awards are really a testament to the creativity, hard
work and dedication of the Frontier marketing team and our ad agency,
Ericsson Fina, in bringing Jack, Foxy and the ‘whole different animal’
crew to life.”