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Roadpost Simplifies International Wireless With New Pricing Bundles

Roadpost Inc. announces a new selection of
simplified airtime bundles that save travelers more than 80%
over other communication options.
The new pricing schedules
include extended base rate coverage on rental packages up to
30 days, flat rate fees for all international based calls
and simplified zone rates for rental and subscription
In addition, to better meet the needs of the frequent
international traveler, Roadpost is enhancing its
subscription based services by offering free handsets on
selected Pooled/Carry Forward plans as well as extending
pooled/carry forward minutes to 12 months.  These changes
have eliminated the need for the purchase of additional

One Country, One Rate

“By listening to our customers we learned that there was a
significant need for simplified plans,” says Morris Shawn,
president and CEO of Roadpost. “Our studies have shown that
people are travelling more and for longer periods of time,
which means an increased need for more flexible and
affordable plans.  Hotel and calling card rates are
incredibly expensive. Roadpost saves international travelers
more than 80% off hotel and calling card rates. And while
Roadpost has always made it easier for the international
traveler to stay in touch with coverage in 200+ countries,
we are now making it even more affordable. We are the first
in the industry to deliver these simplified airtime rates
that will satisfy every need in the market - from short term
rentals to long-term subscriptions, from cellular to
satellite coverage.”

Roadpost has also introduced discounts on selected cellular,
Thuraya and Iridium satellite handsets for one-year
subscribers, in addition to extending pooled/carry forward
minutes from six to 12 months. “Roadpost was the first to
offer pooled and carry forward minutes to our international
services,” says Shawn. “Once again we are first in offering
services that speak to the needs of our customers. These new
bundled plans, along with the discounts and extended
privileges for subscribers are going to go a long way
towards simplifying communications for the international