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KLM Doubles Self-Service Check-in Capacity at Schiphol

Starting today, self-service check-in machines
and baggage drop-off points at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will double in
number. Check-in counters rows 11 and 12, located in Departure Hall 2, have
now been replaced by twenty new self-service check-in machines and twelve
new baggage drop-off points. As a result of this expansion, 50% of KLM Royal
Dutch Airlines’ check-in capacity is now self-service.
Since the beginning of this year, KLM has offered all its passengers the
best available check-in service whether via the Internet or with
self-service machines at the airport. Right now, average self-service usage
in the Netherlands amounts to about 30%. This is expected to grow to 50% in
the next half-year.

As of today, passengers carrying an electronic ticket can check in on the
Internet a minimum of 30 hours prior to departure. They can also choose
their own seat and print out their own boarding passes. Passengers who have
not checked in by Internet or who are carrying conventional paper tickets
can also check themselves in using the self-service check-in machines.

If they only have carry-on luggage, passengers who have checked in can
proceed directly to their gates. Passengers with baggage for the hold must
first hand it in at a baggage drop-off point before continuing on. Staff
will check their travel documents quickly at the drop-off point while their
baggage is being processed.

KLM and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are investing collectively in the
expansion of self-service capacity. In this way, KLM is responding to
growing passenger demand for more efficiency and greater control of their
entire travel process. These new services will make long waiting times for
airport check-in a thing of the past.