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EuropebyAir From Russia With Love

Bill Wolf, President of EuropebyAir, is thrilled to finally include St.
Petersburg, Russia as a $99 Flight Pass destination within Europe.
Wolf states, “After six years in business and serving 170 cities within
Europe this is the first time we have been able to offer the crown jewel
of St. Petersburg as a flight destination within Europe for $99 one-way.
EuropebyAir destinations now include flights from Brussels to St.
Petersburg and Moscow. Another first-time-offered Eastern European jewel
of a destination is Budapest - Venice. Like all of EuropebyAir Flight Pass
destinations the one-way fare is $99 plus airport tax.”

EuropebyAir network expansion also includes new routes from Munich -
London, Ibiza and Nice; Venice - Nice; Athens - Milan; Dusseldorf - London
and Bern; wine country famous Porto to Brussels, Basel, Stuttgart, Bologna
and Marseille. Other new Eastern Europe routes include Tallinn - Munich,
Paris - Vilnius and Dusseldorf - Lodz. New summer service is also
available from major European cities to Dubrovnik, Split and many other
cities in Europe.

Flight Passes are valid for flights within Europe only on any of the 24
European based carriers participating in the Flight Pass program. Flight
Passes are sold outside of Europe only and are not available for sale to
European residents.

For a Map, more information and a list of all destinations visit your
travel agent, or call 888-231-9455.