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United Airlines’ EasyCheck-In Breaks New Record

United Airlines today announced that more than two
million United customers used EasyCheck-in within a single month, setting
a new record for the Company’s popular self-service ticketing kiosks.
Additionally, United launched a new Web site that showcases all of the
Easy Travel services and provides a demonstration illustrating how the
services work together to give United flyers even more freedom,
flexibility and control over their travel plans. The site is now available
at .
“We are pleased that United’s Easy suite of products and services has
become such a popular way for our customers to save time and manage their
itineraries,” said John Tague, executive vice president - customer. “We
remain committed to enhancing these and other products and services that
make traveling with United a convenient and enjoyable experience.”

The new United Easy Travel Web site provides a tour and interactive
demonstration of the latest features offered by the Easy Travel network of
services, including:

**EasyCheck-in—EasyCheck-in self-service kiosks allow travelers to
check-in for flights, choose seat assignments, process upgrades and obtain
boarding passes when traveling with a United electronic ticket. With more
than 677 kiosks deployed in 45 airports across the United States,
EasyCheck-in helps speed customers through the airport by issuing boarding
documents in less than 60 seconds and allowing them to proceed directly to
a security checkpoint without having to wait in line at the check-in
counter. Additionally, EasyCheck-in Online and EasyCheck-in Curbside
options allow customers to save even more time when traveling before they
even enter the airport.

**EasyAccess—United EasyAccess helps travelers find flights, book
travel, view itineraries, check schedule changes and more—all via web-
enabled phones, PDAs or laptop computers. The service also allows
customers to access their Mileage Plus(TM) account, where they can easily
view and manage award travel and upgrades. United customers can also
easily download the latest flight timetables to their PDA or laptop for
anytime, anywhere travel information at their fingertips.

**EasyUpdate—EasyUpdate is United’s industry-leading notification
system that delivers departure and arrival information, delays or
cancellation updates and rebooking and seat upgrade confirmation directly
to designated mobile phones, pagers, PDAs, email, Microsoft .Net Alerts
and fax. The service tracks all flights by a customer’s Mileage Plus
number so they don’t have to sign-up each time they fly.


**EasyInfo—EasyInfo is a real-time flight information display at United
gates that automatically receives live updates every 60 seconds. The
service offers everything from departure and arrival times to aircraft
type, mileage accrual and latest weather conditions.