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Expedia(R) Corporate Travel Announces 50/50 Guarantee

Expedia(R) Corporate Travel today announced the “50/50 Guarantee” to help
new customers maximize savings on their travel programs via high online
adoption. Companies are guaranteed that their travelers will book 50
percent of all transactions online within 50 days of implementing the
service, or Expedia Corporate Travel will refund all qualifying
transaction fees. The program builds on the company’s recently announced
momentum in achieving more than 80 percent online adoption among existing

In line with industry standards, Expedia(R) Corporate Travel defines
online adoption as the number of transactions booked via its booking tool
as a percentage of all transactions booked by the agency. Expedia(R)
Corporate Travel’s customer base has already attained significant
cost-savings resulting from high adoption rates. Companies not only save
with reduced online booking fees, which are up to 75 percent less
expensive than agent-assisted bookings, but they can also drive savings
throughout their travel program. According to a recent travel industry
study*, driving travelers online produces lower overall costs for travel
programs, specifically in the following areas:

—15 percent lower average ticket prices—with a wider array of choices
online, travelers gravitate to more cost-effective options

—Improved employee productivity—average speed to booking drops to 30
seconds from 3.5 minutes, and

—Ability to better negotiate supplier contracts—resulting from both
improved compliance and near real-time booking data.


“Since launching Expedia(R) Corporate Travel, we’ve understood that
driving high online adoption, and the cost-savings associated with it, is
directly related to providing a tool that’s easy for travelers to navigate
and is used in tandem by our in-house agents,” said Patti Elliott, senior
vice president, global programs at Expedia(R) Corporate Travel. “We’ve
already helped companies of all sizes exceed the industry average for
online adoption and boost rates fivefold compared with their previous
booking tool. With the 50/50 Guarantee program, we look forward to working
closely with new travel managers and immediately adding value to their
travel programs.”

The 50/50 Guarantee program is open to both small and large companies that
make Expedia Corporate Travel their agency of record and transact at
least 25 times in the first 50 days. For companies that do not reach the
50 percent adoption level, refunds would include all transaction fees
during the 50-day period, except special request transactions.