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Elemis “Pro-Collagen” - Japanese Silk Booster Facial.

å“Elemis has introduced a new concept into anti-aging facials, offering the client a unique experience that produces immediate resultså”
—Noella Gabriel, Director of Treatment and Product Development

Japan is a nation of people reputed for their delicate, porcelain skin and youthful appearance as well as for their cutting-edge technology.  Through extensive research, Elemis Spa has discovered a unique way of incorporating revolutionary Japanese skincare technology into the Spa`s facial treatments and has created an advanced booster facial that offers immediate visible results on all skin types.  Elemis has designed the Pro-Collagen Japanese Silk Booster Facial as a result-driven, anti-aging facial for more mature skin types, the Spa promises a visible difference after only one treatment.
Elemis is the first company outside of Japan to use specially woven Japanese Silk Protein compresses. The compresses contain the natural skin protein ‘Sericin’, which provides excellent moisture-retaining properties, leaves the skin exceptionally soft and smooth.  Shaped to fit the contours of the face, the compress is combined with an Absolute Skin Booster Serum containing Absolutes of Rose and Mimosa. This hydrates the skin and immediately improves microcirculation while increasing cellular oxygen supply.  The serum is also rich in Vitamins A and E; both antioxidants that protect against free radicals and improve elasticity and tone.  Phytoamine Biocomplex of Ginkgo Biloba is incorporated in to the serum, providing dynamic anti-inflammatory properties and reinforcing skin protection by reducing the formation of free radicals.
Elemis has also incorporated the newly discovered Padina Pavonica into the booster serum.  Also known as “intelligent” marine algae, this purified extract works through cellular communication.  Seaweed extracts from Padina Pavonica stimulate cellular renewal and improve elasticity of the skin.  Several studies have proven that it has exceptional moisturizing and firming actions on the skin.
The facial also brings together the strengths of Eastern massage techniques.  Flowing movements that outline the face and neck encourage lymphatic drainage to define and tone the jaw line, along with the contours of the face.  This helps reduce puffiness and iron out fine lines. 
Elemis “Pro-Collagen”
Japanese Silk Booster Facial

As with all Elemis treatments, the facial commences with the ‘Welcome Touch’ - a foot cleansing ritual using Lime-infused mitts. Face and eyes are cleansed with Elemis Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser to remove impurities and dissolve make-up, followed by an application of Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner.
A warm, Lavender-infused compress is then gently unrolled over the face to increase circulation and encourage absorption. The face, neck, décolleté and scalp are massaged with Rose Essential Oil as part of the cleansing program.  Thai massage techniques move over the skin gently, but firmly helping to reduce high color and improve skin tone.
The skin is then buffed with Gentle Rose Exfoliator.  This beautifully aromatic and hydrating exfoliator contains anti-oxidants and fine Jojoba Beads to exfoliate away dead skin resulting in a radiant complexion.  Warm Lime-infused mitts are used to remove the exfoliator; the skin is refreshed and toned, and ready for the compress.
The Natural Japanese Silk compress is soaked in a dynamic booster serum containing Absolutes of Rose and Mimosa, Vitamins A and E, Phytoamine Biocomplexes of Ginkgo Biloba and Padina Pavonica.
While the compress is at work, the therapist performs a conditioning hand and arm treatment. Thai massage techniques are applied to the pressure points in the palm of the hand to alleviate stress.  The compress is then removed and the remaining serum is massaged into the face, leaving the skin cool on contact (this is unusual for sensitive skins which are normally hot to the touch). 
A layer of Elemis Absolute Lifting Mask is applied to the face.  This gel based mask contains nourishing and hydrating Honey and Rose Absolutes with the rejuvenating extracts of Rosewood.
Warm mitts, infused with grounding Rosewood Essential Oil, are used to remove the mask.  The skin is treated with Absolute Lifting Serum, a dynamic anti-oxidant serum designed to illuminate and enhance lifeless skin and restore a radiant complexion.
To complete the facial, the newly launched revolutionary Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is applied.  The cream is clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles by 19% and increase hydration by 10% after only 15 days - skin is proven to take on a plumper, more youthful appearance.
To gently rouse the client, the Elemis ‘Awareness Journey’ is performed.  Using Ayurvedic techniques, the therapist works her way around the entire body using the back of her hand over a warm towel to bring the body back together as one.  The gentle chime of Tingsha Bells symbolizes the ‘awakening’ and the end of the treatment.