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British ranch owner killed in Kenya

British ranch owner killed in Kenya

Tristan Voorspuy, a co-owner of Sosian Ranch and owner of Offbeat Safaris, has been killed in Kenta.

Voorspuy was killed by unknown assailants who had trespassed onto the ranch - apparently with groups of herdsmen seeking grazing for their livestock. 

The Kenya Tourist Board has moved quickly to quell any threat to the sector.

A statement from the organisation read: “On behalf of all industry stakeholders we extend our condolences and sympathy to the family of Tristan
Voorspuy and to the other Kenyan farmers and ranch employees who have been caught up in the conflict over pasture in the affected area in recent weeks.”

Sosian Ranch - where Voorspuy is believed to have been killed - is one of the private ranches in northern Laikipia hosting a population of wildlife.


During this year’s drought-like conditions, it is one of seven ranches that have been invaded by hungry livestock and pastoralists.

However, the KTB reminded visitors no tourists were involved in the incident and there were no tourists staying on the ranch at the time of the incident.

The present unrest and insecurity are restricted to a few localities and a small number of ranches and that the well-known wildlife conservancies and tourism facilities in the rest of Laikipia are not affected and remain calm and peaceful, added the KTB.

Kenya covers an area of approximately 582,650 square kilometres and is frequently compared to an area the size of France. 

Tourism activity continues as normal in most of Laikipia and throughout the rest of the country with holiday-makers currently on safari in the country’s national parks and visiting its popular coastal resorts.

“We believe that the government of Kenya will be giving the highest priority to restoring law and order for all the people in the affected area so that they can enjoy the normal peace and security found throughout the rest of Laikipia county,” the KTB concluded.