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BRICS urged to reassess UK approach

BRICS urged to reassess UK approach

The marketing efforts of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) have failed miserably, according to 1,000 British holidaymakers polled for the World Travel Market 2011 Industry Report.

The sample comprised individuals who taken at least one seven days or more break in 2011, suggesting they were actively considering holiday options and therefore more likely to be aware of travel marketing generally.

The BRICS nations are viewed as both the economic powerhouses of the world but also those markets with the largest inbound and outbound tourism potential.

Russia has the poorest awareness of the five.

Its TV, online, print and radio efforts have not been seen or heard by nine out of ten of the sample, with only one per cent saying they had been exposed quite often to its messaging.

South Africa and India are the most successful, but with only five per cent of the sample having seen their messages ‘quite often’. 

However, 73 per cent still said they hadn’t seen any Indian campaigns with 70 per cent not noticing South Africa.

Brazil’s efforts completely bypassed 82 per cent of the sample, with China unseen by 80 per cent.

Furthermore, the desire of Brits to visit the BRICS economies appears disappointing.

More than four in ten (43 per cent) are ‘not interested’ or ‘not at all interested’ in visiting China, which is a better return than the other four. 

India and Russia are currently the least likely to see British visitors, each with 55 per cent not interested. Brazil (53 per cent) and South Africa (49 per cent) perform no better.

On the other hand, four in ten are ‘interested’ or ‘quite interested’ in the destinations.

China (45 per cent), South Africa (42 per cent), Brazil (44 per cent), India (36 per cent) and Russia (39 per cent) all have the potential to attract a significant number of British visitors.

The sample was also asked which of the five they would visit if money was no object. Brazil topped the list, followed by China, South Africa, Russia and India.

Reed Travel Exhibitions Chairman World Travel Market, Fiona Jeffery, said: “These figures provide a fascinating insight into how important or not the BRICS countries are to British travellers.

“While some findings are disappointing, opportunities do exist.

“If the marketing campaigns can convert the 40 per cent of so who have expressed an interest in visiting the countries then that will help grow the word of mouth for the BRICS.”