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Brand USA launches bespoke idea submissions website

Brand USA launches bespoke idea submissions website

Brand USA has announced the launch of a bespoke website dedicated to television programme idea submissions.

The new website has been built specifically to accept confidential television ideas from production partners, before a shortlist will be put before a Television Advisory Board.

The Board will decide on the chosen submission(s) and will aim to work in partnership to create the programme(s).

The launch of the site secures Brand USA’s long term commitment to the UK and Irish markets and its intention of bringing America to life on the television.

Brand USA’s objective in-market is to rekindle the holidaymakers’ love affair with America – reclaiming the USA’s share of the market and positioning the country as a diverse destination still to be explored.

By highlighting the country as a fresh and unexpected destination, with welcoming and friendly locals, Brand USA’s intention is to promote the United States of America as the world’s leading tourism destination for UK and Irish visitors.

Jay Gray, Vice President of Business Development, Brand USA, said: “We know how incredible a destination can look on television and that, for many viewers, it’s what may inspire a booking for their next holiday. Whilst watching it on TV may be the next best thing, of course, nothing brings the sights and sounds of the United States to life as much as being here in person!”

Brand USA was established by the Travel Promotion Act in 2010 to spearhead the nation’s first global marketing effort to promote the United States as a premier travel destination and communicate U.S. entry/exit policies and procedures.

Formed as the Corporation for Travel Promotion, the public-private entity began operations in May 2011 and does business as Brand USA.

Brand USA works in close partnership with the travel industry to maximise the economic and social benefits of travel.