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Blue Line Aviation Aims to Ease Pilot Shortage

Blue Line Aviation Aims to Ease Pilot Shortage

U.S. Airlines are facing an ongoing pilot shortage that is hindering their capacity plans and creating havoc at the airports.

“The pilot shortage for the industry is real, and most airlines are simply not going to be able to realize their capacity plans because there simply aren’t enough pilots, at least not for the next five-plus years,” United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said in a quarterly earnings call in April, CNBC reported.
Three American Airlines-owned regional carriers have hiked pilot pay by 50 percent through the end of August 2024, the latest sign airlines are willing to pay up in hopes of ending the pilot shortage.

According to federal labor statistics, the industry needs to hire an average of 14,500 pilots each year until 2030. Many of these pilots will come from Blue Line Aviation.

Blue Line Aviation has been rated a Top Flight School by FLYING Magazine.

Renowned for its accelerated training, the career pilot program at Blue Line Aviation takes students from zero experience to becoming a career pilot in as little as 5.5 months.


Blue Line President Adam Walters says “Blue Line Aviation offers the most efficient pathway to an extremely rewarding and highly lucrative career in aviation. There has never been a better time than the present to begin a career in aviation.”

Franklin Steele, Manager of Programs for Blue Line adds “We make you as hireable in the most efficient amount of time so you can reach Airline minimums sooner, rather than later.”

By getting students through school efficiently, the accelerated flight training program decreases the total cost of education, and maximizes their lifetime earnings potential.

Blue Line Aviation students learn in a brand new 50,000 square foot facility that opened in 2022. The state-of-the-art facility allows students to be completely immersed in their training and education. The facility includes Blue Line Aviation, Blue Line Technical Services (Aircraft Maintenance), Sparkchasers Aircraft Services (Avionics Upgrades) and Low and Slow Smokehouse (BBQ Restaurant).