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Barbados invites guests to stay for a year

Barbados invites guests to stay for a year

Barbados is now accepting applications for a 12-month welcome stamp visa.

Those interested in living like a ‘Bajan’ for a year can apply for the opportunity to live and work remotely in paradise.

The visa offers new opportunities for anyone whose work is location-independent, which now includes entire offices, multi-disciplinary creatives, digital nomads and bold entrepreneurs.

Barbados has worked to ensure that the application process is as simple as possible for applicants to complete electronically.

Upon approval, the following non-refundable fees are applicable; US$2,000 for individual applicants and US$3,000 for families.

The visa is valid for one year but may be re-applied for and applicants will not be liable for Barbados income tax.

Covid-19 has presented challenges to countries that are tourism-dependent and the island’s prime minister, Mia Mottley, says the pandemic is part of the impetus for the new visa.


“Covid-19 has changed work globally, with a larger number working remotely from home.

“Now we can give you certainty for the next 12 months that you can work from here.”

The prime minister added she recognises that part of the challenge relates to short term travel.

“Rather than coming for the usual week, or three weeks or a month, why not plan out your business?

“We have a mechanism that allows people who want to take advantage of being in a different part of the world, of the sun, sea and sand, and a stable society; one that functions well.

“Barbados is a perfect place for you to come.”

Barbados has been commended for how it has handled the virus thus far and has effective contact tracing protocols in place.

The country of more than 280,000 people has had just over 100 cases of the novel coronavirus and seven deaths.

Even as it has re-opened its borders, Barbados has established a proper set of travel protocols with safety at the forefront of the measures in place.

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For full information on the Barbados welcome stamp, visit the official website.