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Barbados Drops All Entry Requirements

Barbados Drops All Entry Requirements

Barbados has become one of the latest destinations around the world to completely drop its Covid-19 related entry requirements and return at last to normal tourism after a few years of tiresome travel restrictions.
Almost the dictionary definition of a stunning Caribbean island, Barbados has long since been a popular destination for travelers from the United States and Canada, both as a stop served by countless cruise ships and as a destination in its own right.
Whilst the number of travelers visiting the island paradise took a hit with few wanting to go through the rigmarole of test results, vaccination certificates, and the rest. This positive move by the Barbadian government is likely to put the island back on the radar for thousands of travel-starved Americans. Here’s a look at their latest updates in detail, including what’s set to change, when the changes are due to come into effect and why Barbados could just be the perfect winter warmer destination for you.

Travel to Barbados has suffered since the outbreak of the global pandemic, as strict entry requirements were imposed on travelers that made visiting the country more of a hassle than it was worth. The situation was made worse as tourism rival Mexico was amongst the first to completely roll back their Covid-19 restrictions, making visiting the island as unappealing as it has ever been. However, thanks to an update from the country’s government, that could all be set to change.

On Thursday, the Barbadian government revealed that all of the country’s Covid-19 restrictions were coming to an end, spelling the end to a tumultuous period for the island and joining fellow Caribbean destinations in doing so. That means that travelers will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19, nor will they have to subject themselves to tests in order to gain entry, regardless of vaccination status. Finally, the biggest question before visiting Barbados is once again concerning what swimwear you should pack or which hotel you should book, rather than worrying about which documents are needed to enter.

That wasn’t the only positive change that Barbados revealed during the week. The country has also rolled back its mask-wearing requirements. The wearing of face masks in public is now optional rather than compulsory, meaning you won’t have to worry about unflattering tan lines on your face ruining your holiday snaps. All of these changes are effective immediately, which means travelers don’t have to delay when it comes to booking their trips to the island.
American and Canadian citizens do not need a visa to be able to visit Barbados for stays that are less than six months in duration. Travelers to the country must, however, ensure that their passports are valid for the duration of their stay and must have an onward travel ticket. In addition, they will still need to fill in a customs form 72 hours prior to their arrival, which involves filling in personal information.


Speaking about the removal of the country’s restrictions, the Minister of Tourism and International Transport Lisa Cummins said: “This is the last step for us which reflects our position as fully open for business following the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to continuing to welcome visitors to our shores to experience all of the new and returning events slated for the rest of the year, and into early 2023.”

The removal of the restrictions comes at a great time. Events that were once canceled are now back on, with the island’s Food and Rum Festival set to start on October 27th and its marathon scheduled for December 10th. Events aside, there are plenty of reasons to choose Barbados for your next vacation; gorgeous weather, white and pink sand beaches, extremely clear water that’s temperate to swim in, and an authentic, local culture that couldn’t be more welcoming to travelers are just some of the many reasons why we keep going back there.