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Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to Host Inaugural Bahamas Dive Week on San Salvador

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to Host Inaugural Bahamas Dive Week on San Salvador

Building on San Salvador’s acclaim as a world-renowned destination of varied dive sites, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation (BMOTIA) is set to host the first ever Bahamas Dive Week on San Salvador scheduled for May 6-13.
The Dive Week kicks off its series on San Salvador, and is one of many upcoming initiatives coordinated by the Vertical Markets’ Dive Team led by Senior Director Greg Rolle. The series also includes destinations such as Grand Bahama Island and Nassau.

For eight days, open water certified divers, local dive operators, Bahamas Dive Ambassador, Richard Smith, and 18 divers from the U.S. will explore a number of featured dive sites on the island including Riding Rock Wall, Great Cut, and Area 51.

The Hon. John H.W. Pinder II, Parliamentary Secretary (BMOTIA) describes the upcoming dive week as an experience that will be unforgettable for divers.

“The Bahamas is home to the world’s third largest barrier reef and we are known the world over, for our award-winning dive sites,” he said. Said Pinder, “This week on the island of San Salvador, I am excited that these divers will be able to see up close why It’s Better in The Bahamas.”

He said some of the real treasures of the archipelagic nation are found in the crystal-clear waters of The Bahamas. “Our pristine and beautiful underwater habitats, reefs and sea life will be an experience divers will never forget,” added Pinder.


The Bahamas has won 13 Scuba Diving Reader’s Choice Awards for 2023 including securing first place for Big Animal Encounters. The Bahamas has won this category for the past 20 years placing in the top five for categories: Cave/Cavern/Grotto Driving; Wreck Diving; Beginner Diving; Wall Diving; Snorkelling; Photography; Best Overall and Best Value.

“We have over 52 dive sites and all of our dive sites are all protected because they all are located within the West Coast Marine Park so our divers will not just be in regular waters but diving within the five national park systems in San Salvador,” explained Jermaine Johnson, District Manager, San Salvador Tourism Office.

“Diving has absolutely put San Salvador on the map, and our island is number one for diving,” boasts Johnson. “I am excited,” added Johnson, “We are all excited here on the island to have the opportunity to showcase what we have and propel ourselves forward in the market.”

BMOTIA is partnering with Caradonna Adventures; Riding Rock Resort & Marina; Guanahani Divers and Bahamasair to organise San Salvador Dive Week. For more information on diving in The Bahamas visit