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BAA to sell Edinburgh Airport

Operator BAA has revealed plans to sell Edinburgh Airport after it was told by the Competition Commission (CC) to sell either Edinburgh or Glasgow airport.

BAA, which operates six UK airports, has said that it will “formally approach the market in the New Year with a view to agreeing a sale by Summer 2012”.

BAA Chief executive Colin Matthews said: “Edinburgh is a great airport with a great team and a great future and we will be very sorry to see it leave BAA.

“We remain committed to Scotland and we will continue our long-term investment to improve passenger and airline experience at Aberdeen and Glasgow, as well as at Edinburgh until the sale is complete.

“Choosing which airport to sell has been a difficult decision. Edinburgh Airport has shown itself to be a strong and resilient asset throughout the economic downturn.

“Passenger numbers at Edinburgh have grown by more than 6% over the past year and in an uncertain market we expect it to be an attractive asset to prospective buyers.

“Glasgow Airport has great opportunities for future growth and development and we think BAA is well-placed to build on its recent success. Both airports are of national importance and have a bright future.”

BAA has also been ordered to sell Gatwick and Stansted airport after the CC ruled that BAA’s ownership of UK airports was anti-competitive.

Gatwick has already been sold, meanwhile BAA is still disputing the Stansted decision.

Matthews added: “We will continue with our judicial review proceedings against the Competition Commission’s decision requiring BAA to sell Stansted.

“We believe the South East airports market has changed and BAA has changed since the Competition Commission’s 2009 decision. It is also clearer now than it has ever been that Heathrow and Stansted serve different markets.”