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BA launches biggest ad campaign in a decade

BA launches biggest ad campaign in a decade

British Airways is launching its biggest advertising campaign in more than a decade, including adverts on television, newspapers and online.

The multi million pound brand campaign, which will focus on BA’s heritage, will air for the first time on television at 9pm on channel 4.

Viewers can get a sneak preview on BA’s Facebook page, where the advert will go live at 11am today. The advert places emphasise the motto on BA crew uniforms: “To Fly, To Serve.”

BA chief executive Keith Williams explained: “The campaign represents the opening of a new chapter.”

He added: “The industry has been through difficult times in the last 10 years, through periods of severe disruption, record oil prices and the deepest recession since the 1930s.


But BA has emerged and returned to profitability. The motto has real meaning and resonance. It sets us apart from the opposition.”

BA - which was named World’s Leading Airline Website by theWorld Travel Awards in 2007 - has revealed that in addition to the advertising budget - which has not been diclosed, it is plans to spend more than £5 billion on customer products over the next five years.

The five-year investment programme will include new aircraft, new World Traveller and World Traveller Plus cabins, a revamped First class, improvements at Gatwick and better lounges around the airline’s network.