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Avis Israel Offers Unique “On Demand” Car Rental Program

Avis Israel Offers Unique “On Demand” Car Rental Program

Based on successful consumer research conducted through Facebook advertising, Avis Israel has launched its new “On Demand” car rental program. On Demand offers flexible and convenient access to short-term car rentals, without having to register or schedule ahead of time.

Focused on younger, urban drivers who would usually use public transportation or borrow a parents’ vehicle, the On Demand program provides an attractive option. Drivers can now rent a car for short periods, ranging in time from only one hour up through a long weekend of Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning.

A wide variety of vehicles are available for rent at any one of Avis Israel’s 28 branches, with more than 6,000 rental cars in 16 different categories: ranging from urban mini cars to family sedans and up through luxury executive vehicles, and everything in between. Prices are extremely competitive and the On Demand service is available from all of Avis, Israel’s branches, ranging from Nahariya in the north to Eilat in the south.

“This segment of the population has not yet been targeted by Israel car rental agencies.” commented Gil Sagiv, Head of Marketing for Avis Israel, “Providing attractive car rental options for them at great prices gives young people all over Israel the opportunity to easily and spontaneously have access to any car they’d like to drive. This is very compelling, as they don’t have to count on trains or buses or borrow vehicles, and they don’t need to register ahead of time.”

As an example, a small automatic car, such as a Hyundai i20, rents for 121 shekels from 16:00 until 9:00 the following day, and 222 shekels for a short weekend. All prices include insurance from accident or theft, as well as VAT.


Avis is the leading Israel car rental company, providing business and leisure customers with a variety of auto services at 28 locations throughout Israel; from Nahariya in the North to Eilat in the South. Known all over the world for its value-added rental services and excellent customer service, Avis Israel offers:

Car rental and hire from the airport and cities in Israel and worldwide.
Operational and financial leasing for corporate and private customers.
Used car sales from Avis leasing and rental fleet.
Chauffeur Drive Service from the airport and cities to Israel.