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New tool allows hotels to monitor online ‘chat’ about their brand

New tool allows hotels to monitor online ‘chat’ about their brand

BDRC Continental today launches PillowChat, the social media monitoring, response and customer sentiment analysis tool for the hotel sector. Providing the ability to measure social media activity comprehensively, PillowChat delivers clear, actionable insights about consumer perceptions at both brand and hotel levels.

PillowChat allows users to understand the nature and impact of online conversations about their brand. Aggregated quantitative data (such as ratings and scores on travel websites), is contextualised by merging with associated qualitative feedback (such as guest comments and reviews), leading to a richer, more meaningful understanding. Patterns and trends observed over time can be analysed to assess the effectiveness of online and offline marketing, service delivery and product improvements. 

Another key benefit of PillowChat is BDRC Continental’s capability to merge social media data with conventional consumer and proprietary market research to broaden and deepen results.  Also, when combined with the insight delivered by BDRC Continental’s existing customer experience management programmes, PillowChat enables hotels to make connections between operational performance and the consumer sentiment it delivers. Via a near real-time dashboard which incorporates simple response functionality, users can connect and engage directly with key brand influencers.

“PillowChat takes hotels beyond mere social media monitoring, giving subscribers intimate, accurate information and providing them the tools with which they can truly connect to the intimidating world of social media,” said James Bland, Client Services Director, Hotels and Hospitality at BDRC Continental. “Using PillowChat, it’s now possible not only to track and measure social media activity, but to interpret these data within the unique market framework that BDRC Continental alone can provide, and to make insight-based decisions that will positively impact on business performance.”