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As the veil of night falls on Saint Lucia, the island’s celebrated nightlife emerges.

As the veil of night falls on Saint Lucia, the island’s celebrated nightlife emerges.

From legendary “jump-up” street festivities to full-moon beach parties to club-hopping on bustling restaurant strips, there’s virtually no limit to the island’s nighttime entertainment options. Saint Lucia is renowned across the Caribbean for her exotic rhythms and flavors; her nightlife is an experience that is not to be missed


During the day, the beachside fisheries complex at Anse La Raye is a busy hive of activity, as the local fishermen take to the sea in their colorful boats or pirogues and return laden with the finest catch.

On Friday evenings, snapper, tuna, dorado, barracuda, Spanish mackerel, lobster, crab and a plethora of other delicious sea-dwellers makes its way to the villagers’ coal pots and grills, which line the beachfront, surrounded by brightly covered tables and impromptu street cafes. The aroma of freshly cooked seafood will surely excite your senses.


DJs and local musicians line the street, giving you ample opportunity to sample Saint Lucia’s local soundscape.


The sheltered village of Dennery lies almost exactly halfway down the east coast of Saint Lucia, where the Atlantic first makes contact with the island. The harbor is another busy fisheries complex, in a picturesque setting flanked by tall cliffs and overlooked by the charming hillside village.

On Saturday nights, the beachside becomes a community “lime” (or “hangout”), with street vendors setting up beside the surrounding rum shops and bars, and the pounding beat of Dennery’s festivities resonate the air. The vibe is laid back, friendly and authentic, as the Fish Fiesta is a favorite with many locals from the south of the island.


The events described above are just a sampling of Saint Lucia’s nightlife scene. Ultimately, the range of nighttime activities as diverse as the island’s cultural heritage, and there are many dance clubs, lounges, street parties, pubs and more to be experienced. However, at all of them, you’ll find a celebration of island life and a hospitable atmosphere. A night out on the town at some of Saint Lucia’s best nightlife scenes is sure to provide you with fun and memories.