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Angel launches Siri-like voice activation app

Angel launches Siri-like voice activation app

Cloud-based customer experience management provider Angel has unveiled Lexee, a new self-service solution that voice activates any mobile application.

With Lexee, businesses gain an entirely new channel to engage their customer base and create a more personalised customer experience.

“There is no argument, mobile is the next platform for today’s businesses, and it’s critical for them to figure out how to be accessible to their customers on this platform,” said Dave Rennyson, president of Angel.

“Lexee goes beyond the usual voice assistant and empowers businesses to have a conversation with their customers.

“By voice activating mobile applications with Angel Lexee, businesses can open up an entirely new channel to interact with their customers, creating a more personalized customer experience.”

With over one billion mobile applications being downloaded each month, Lexee from Angel Labs enables all businesses to quickly provide a voice activated iOS or Android mobile solution to their customers, track the impact of their mobile solutions with analytics and empower their users to be more productive and flexible on-the-go.

For example, Angel’s Lexee is incorporated in a new mobile application, which allows users to verbally request information and reports to be pulled from their account.

Rather than search for information manually, Lexee enables mobile applications to perform tasks and execute transactions such as updating sales information or quickly pulling reports, all by voice commands.