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ANA unveils livery for first Boeing Dreamliners

ANA unveils livery for first Boeing Dreamliners

ANA has unveiled the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner at a Boeing facility in Everett, near Seattle, Washington, USA.

To celebrate its status as launch customer for the state-of-the-art aircraft, ANA has decorated its first two Dreamliners with a special livery - including the numbers 787 painted in large bold colours on the front of the fuselage.

ANA also unveiled the cabin layout for its Dreamliner for the first time.

The first aircraft, which will be delivered to ANA in September, will be configured for use on short-haul international flights.

However, to facilitate staff training, the plane will initially be deployed on domestic routes carrying 264 passengers – with 12 premium class seats and 252 standard class seats.

On long-haul international flights, the 787 will have 158 seats - 46 business class seats and 112 economy class seats.

On short-haul international flights, the aircraft will have 222 seats - 42 business class seats and 180 economy class seats).

ANA is scheduled to fly a commemorative first commercial journey as a charter flight from Tokyo, Narita to Hong Kong after the 787 is delivered in September.

The aircraft will then be used for scheduled flights on the Haneda-Okayama and Haneda-Hiroshima routes.

Speaking at the roll out in Seattle of the first 787, Mitsuo Morimoto, senior executive vice president of ANA, said: “We intend to use the Dreamliner to expand our business, particularly our international routes.

“We are aiming to increase our revenues from international operations significantly and the 787 will play an instrumental role in this.

“We want to be ‘number one in Asia’, not just in passengers and revenues, but also in terms of quality, customer satisfaction and value creation.

“Becoming the 787 launch customer was a strategic management decision designed to help us reach that goal.”