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Alain Robert scales tallest building in Doha

Alain Robert scales tallest building in Doha

French daredevil Alain Robert has scaled Doha’s tallest building, The Torch Doha in less than three hours.

Robert, nicknamed “Spiderman”, scaled the 300m (984ft) building without the use of a safety rope or harness.

When it isn’t being used as a backdrop to gravity defying stunts, The Torch Doha hotel is the perfect place for guests looking to explore the city, boasting state-of-the-art sporting, leisure and spa facilities.

Located on the shores of the Arabian peninsula, Qatar is a renowned for its outstanding hospitality, offering business and leisure travellers a completely unique and unforgettable experience.

With sprawling dunes in the country’s south, sandy coastlines and islets, reefs and salt flats, the small peninsula nation offers as much natural beauty as it does cultural richness.

The Torch Doha is fashioned to the finest international standards at the centre of the Aspire Zone - Doha’s majestic sports city, and guests also have private access to Doha’s largest shopping mall Villaggio.