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Air travel has lost it’s glamour

Air travel has lost it’s glamour

In the age of grotty airports and budget airlines it seems there’s not much room left for glamour. In a new poll from, almost one in three travellers (30%) admit that airports make them feel stressed and a further 19% say they feel tired and grubby at the airport.

Female passengers appear to find airports more unpleasant than men, with 11% more women sensing the negative effects of air travel. However, a minority of women (7%) embrace their inner Victoria Beckham and feel like a celebrity whilst passing through the airport.*

A practical 41% of UK air travellers don’t feel any different from normal, whilst 3% claim that the airport makes them feel emotional.

Anthony Clarke Cowell, head of product innovation and development, said: “The fact that air travel has become more accessible in recent decades is fantastic but it does make it less of a glamorous affair. It is still possible to glam up your travel experience though by prebooking an airport lounge, where you can escape the hubbub of departures and enjoy some complimentary treats.”