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Air Malta revamps fare benefits structure

Air Malta has today announced that it has revamped its fare structure. The changes include an increase in hand baggage allowance for all its economy and club tickets and a revised fare benefits structure. These changes are designed to add value to the Air Malta experience for customers since the fare benefits have been upgraded and the fare structure is now easier to understand.

The airline’s fares have now been split up in five categories. The economy fares include Special Offers, Saver and Flexi. Club fares include the standard Club and the Leisure Club, a reduced club fare. All fares are entitled to specific benefits.

Customers travelling on Air Malta with economy tickets can now travel with one piece of hand luggage weighing 10kg (from the previous 8kg) whilst club passengers can now travel with two pieces of hand luggage with a total weight of 15 kgs (from the previous (one) 8kg piece). In addition passengers can carry a laptop or a small hand bag.

Air Malta has also increased hand luggage dimensions to 20 cms x 40 cms x 55 cms. The new dimension allowances will become applicable on the 1st November 2011.

Checked in luggage allowances for both economy (20kgs) and club fares (30kgs) have remained unchanged.


Philip Saunders, Air Malta’s Chief Commercial Officer said, “This represents a further step in Air Malta’s new strategy. These new hand luggage baggage allowances further demonstrate our commitment to putting customers first. By offering travellers the flexibility to carry more hand luggage and by revising our fare benefits structure we are both being more transparent whilst providing our customers with better products and services.”

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