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Air France’s commitment in Madagascar

Air France’s commitment in Madagascar

Faced with the enormous challenge of climate change, since 2008 Air France has been contributing to a major project to fight deforestation in Madagascar. In partnership with the GoodPlanet Founda-tion and the WWF, Air France is taking part in a major project in which the protection of more than 500,000 hectares of forest is at stake.

With 5 million euros invested in the programme and more than 60 people employed by partners, the aims include:

  •   Developing new protected areas

  •   Reforesting and restoring damaged areas of forest

  •   Training local communities in the development of new farming methods and encouraging them to manage their land


    Three years after the start of the forest conservation programme, Air France has asked ONF International, an environmental consulting and expertise cabinet whose expertise is renown all over the world, to draw up an initial report of actions taken in the field.All the objectives have been reached and made this project a real success:

  •   350,000 hectares of new protected areas have been created,

  •   25,000 hectares have been restored or reforested,

  •   6,000 families have benefited from the transfer of management for over 200,000 hectares.

    Moreover, this project has helped to advance the scientific measurement of forest carbon stocks in Madagascar.

    “Air France has funded the deforestation programme in Madagascar since its launch, as it meets three essential criteria in terms of sustainable development: strategic vision, scientific rigor and the involvement of village and regional communities in Madagascar.

    Air France hopes that this programme, whose results are conclusive, remains sustainable with the involvement of new public and private partners.” commented Bertrand Lebel, EVP for organization and sustainable development at Air France.

    This forest conservation programme, financed by Air France, demonstrates a commitment over the long term in the field of sustainable development. It supports a responsible policy conducted in all areas, with continued investment in a modern fleet and research in the field of alternative sustainable fuels.

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