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Air Europa introduces new boarding procedures

Air Europa introduces new boarding procedures

Air Europa has introduced what it hopes is a more efficient, comfortable and orderly zone boarding procedure on all its scheduled flights.

Once priority passengers have boarded those in the economy cabin will board, starting with those at the back and moving forward towards the front.

Priority boarding is given to passengers with special needs and families with babies.

Next, business class and elite plus class passengers can board, followed by elite and priority boarding customers.

Finally, passengers with seats in the rear section of the plane are able to board, followed by those sitting in rows at the front of the economy class cabin.


On domestic and short-haul flights, passengers travelling without hand luggage also enjoy priority access by boarding the plane after the second group.

The boarding zones are clearly indicated on all Air Europa boarding passes.

When arriving at the boarding gate passengers should head to their boarding zone, which will be clearly signposted, and wait for airline staff to give boarding instructions over the PA system.

Air Europa UK director, Colin Stewart, said: “All passengers will benefit from a faster and more efficient boarding experience.

“The new procedure significantly reduces waiting times at boarding gates, and it ensures clearer access to the plane as passengers board according to specific zones, which are clearly signposted.”