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AIDA Cruises brings YULLBE GO on board

AIDA Cruises brings YULLBE GO on board

AIDA Cruises is bringing a new experience highlight on board with the virtual reality attraction YULLBE GO. On AIDAcosma, guests can now choose from four different game worlds and virtually immerse themselves in a new dimension.

This means that, in addition to the well-known YULLBE World at Europa-Park in Germany, YULLBE GO is now the first opportunity to try out this very special family experience for yourself on a cruise ship. Equipped with VR goggles and hand trackers, guests move freely in space, taking on all kinds of challenges in a deceptively real-looking virtual world. To enable this feeling of free roaming and exploration, special cameras are integrated into the 5K VR goggles to track the exact position of each guest in the room to the centimeter throughout.

“As an innovative company, we are always looking for new opportunities and offerings to bring outstanding experiences to our guests. With YULLBE GO, we are now offering a VR adventure for the whole family in a new dimension for the first time on AIDAcosma,” said Frank Bönsch, Vice President responsible for the digital development of the guest experience on board AIDA ships, among other things.

The YULLBE GO room on AIDAcosma will be home to four different experiences in the first stage of development. Thanks to next-generation virtual reality technology, guests will for instance be able to shrink themselves into the Hamburg Miniatur Wunderland. In addition to a crazy walk through Wunderland, the launch will feature three more fantasy worlds from Europa-Park’s creative forge:

“EUROPA-PARK: Ed and Edda’s Magical Journey.
An adventure through the enchanted Europa-Park


“Alpha Mods P.D.”
An action-packed, futuristic car chase

“Moon to Mars”
A physics-based game with gravity

“Miniatur Wunderland - Walking in Wunderland”
A fantastic walk through the world-famous model exhibition on a scale of 1:87

The new Virtual Reality Experience can now be booked and tried out on board AIDAcosma. Participation is possible in the company of a parent or guardian from 8 years, otherwise from 12 years.

AIDA Cruises is nominated as Europe’s Leading Cruise Line 2022 by World Travel Awards.