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Wonderful Yoga Cities To Visit In USA

Wonderful Yoga Cities To Visit In USA

The US is definitely not the very first country you consider when planning a yoga vacation. Chances are an Asian country will be first on your list. However, as most people expected, the yoga scene in USA simply skyrocketed. There are tens of thousands of registered teachers and even the Ana Heart Yoga Shop opened a destination in the country. The very best cities for an US yoga vacation are surely those that are presented below and have to be considered.

New York City
This is where yoga teachers are normally trained but beginners do want to consider the city for so much more than what the Yoga Alliance offers. While it is the one place in the country you want to go to in order to be trained to become a yoga instructor, we should remember that NYC is a hub for everything in the US. Yoga is not an exception. It is not at all difficult to find a school or a place where you can practice your poses without anyone bothering you.

San Francisco
The yoga culture in San Francisco is strong with around 40 registered schools and over 400 teachers. During the sixties the city was the main destination of the hippie culture movement and now it is a great adopter of meditative and spiritual yoga. Yoga is practically a big part of life in San Francisco, historically being the place where the very first US Iyengar teacher training program appeared. Business owners create yoga programs for employees and meditation classes are just as common as restaurants.

Los Angeles
The City Of Angels is well-known for innovation and we can see this in yoga since LA is a trendsetter. Vinyasa flow appeared here in 1987 and you can find so many teachers that offer specific forms of yoga that are designed for different purposes. A big part of the reason why Los Angeles is so big in the US yoga world is definitely the support that comes from Hollywood celebrities so you might feel a little skeptic. Do not be as LA is a great yoga city to try.

Seattle is a wonderful place if you are interested in family-friendly yoga. The setting is perfect for the practice of all asanas with the seaside vicinity. People really love the bike friendly streets, numerous green spaces and farmers’ markets. Yogis are drawn by how perfect the setting is for healthy living, which is not what you would expect when thinking about a large city as Seattle.

It seems that Austin is a great city for practically every desire you may have when you visit the country. The social scene is very strong and the yoga community can only be described as vibrant. It is perfectly combined with a welcoming mix of college students, foodies, cowboys, artists and entrepreneurs. Here you can even participate in dating events with a yoga theme. Such an event is rare all around the world but quite common in Austin, Texas.