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Why Sustainable Travel is picking up Amongst Tourist

Why Sustainable Travel is picking up Amongst Tourist

The tranquil and uninterrupted beauty of the environment is prompting socially conscious tourists to rethink their travel habits. A movement that has been long overdue is gaining traction among tourists across the globe, who are taking matters environment into their own hands. They are not selling their travel dream, nor exchanging it for a lesser cause, but are making it more worthwhile. Sustainable travel is becoming prominent with each passing day.

Today, the world is facing a more significant environmental challenge than 10 years ago. The oversaturation of fossil fuels and consequent pollution has capsulated our planet into the hot jar of global warming. With the imminent threat of destroying our beloved planet through pollution, it will not be long enough before we start feeling the dire effects of our actions. And by then, things will not be so kind.

However, there is a glimmer of hope in the dark horizon as environment conscious travelers are ditching the fast planes and motor cars for the modest but satisfying trail walks and cycling. These are the slow travelers. The movement is known as Slow Travel.

The great benefits of sustainable travel
Why exactly is sustainable travel becoming a popular option for trip goers? What are the benefits?

There is more to gain by opting to travel to your popular destination the ‘slow way’. But first, this does not mean giving up anything but instead opening up for more than just the crowded destination spots. In essence, sustainable travel allows you to travel to your destination and have a positive impact on the people, cultures and places that you come in contact with while conserving the environment. Here are some benefits:

• Scenery appreciation
Sustainable travel helps you to feel empowered and energized by viewing the breathtaking sceneries in most destinations that you go to. This level of authenticity and connectedness cannot be compared to the jetlag-inducing plane travel.

• Environmental friendly
Sustainable travel is the most environmental-friendly way of reaching your destination. It costs much less and does zero harm to the environment. Can you imagine what the situation would be if close to 4 billion annual air passengers did something close to emission-less travel?

• Sustainable travel is also friendly to your pocket.
You will not need to incur the exorbitant costs associated with parking spaces, hotel rooms or leasing. You simply carry what is necessary and hit the trail.

• You enjoy and appreciate the journey more than the destination.
While the modern world is obsessed with taking pictures for social media, sustainable travel allows you to immerse yourself into the scene and learn to appreciate your surroundings. The whole point is not to reach the destination, but to appreciate the whole events of your journey; the people you meet, the food you eat and the relationships you form.

• Promotes health and reduces stress
It is a well-known fact that exposure to the natural environment helps reduce stress and anxiety and promotes health. Sustainable travel encompasses all outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, camping and so on. If you feel like you need a break from the ever-demanding world of work, then a sustainable trip is a refreshing way to cool off the steam. You will get back feeling new, energized and with a long-lasting memory of beautiful places.

• Enjoy a variety of ways to travel
While many people will be tempted to think that sustainable travel involves taking long, arduous routes across the rough terrains and deserts, there are a variety of other travel methods involved. For instance, slow traveling on waterways or river courses constitutes sustainable travel provided the vessel is not motorized. You will enjoy as the river carries you through, and as you glide past the canyons and other bank-side features.

• We take control of our future
By reducing the eco-footprint, sustainable travel is shaping up our future for better. Future generations will have the privilege of enjoying what is left behind by socially conscious travelers. More than ever, our actions towards preserving the pristine environments will have a bigger impact than has ever been thought before. Global emissions will go down, and sea levels will once again reduce. In addition to taking care of the environment, local communities of major tourist spots will remain unadulterated.

What is the future of sustainable travel?
Luckily, sustainable travel, spearheaded by eco-friendly tourism, is picking up at lightning speed. And this is encouraging. People are starting to realize the far-reaching benefits of a journey taken at a leisure pace on your cycle or by walking on established trails to reach your destination. Major travel destinations in Thailand, such as Kho Yoi national park are popular tourist hotspots encouraging eco-friendly tourism.

Many vacationers are ditching the long-held tradition of relying on fossil fuel powered airplanes and cars for the more flexible and harmless walk or cycling. The strain on natural resources is significantly reduced and mass tourism is taking a new dynamic.