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Why is New Jersey the Best State to Visit? 5 Reasons Why!

Why is New Jersey the Best State to Visit? 5 Reasons Why!

New Jersey features a range of cool things that everyone will enjoy since there is something for everybody. You can find some cool parties in New Jersey and even quaint seaside towns, this state has it all. But what is it about the Garden State that makes it a wonderful place to visit? Well, there are many reasons most of which you might be unaware of. The state is also famous for many things such as the iconic Jersey Shore franchise and its epic beaches. Yes, if you were unaware, New Jersey boasts gorgeous beaches you simply must check out. Let’s look at the five reasons why New Jersey is the best state to visit. 

The beaches
Let’s kick off with the best one out of the lot. The Jersey Shore isn’t the only beach, but it has catapulted into fame since MTV’s show, Jersey Shore aired in 2009. It’s a highly popular tourist destination and features a range of activities as well as a boardwalk. Next, we have Cape May beach. Visitors call it one of the best beaches on the east coast and we can understand why. The beach is super clean, offers amazing sunsets and if you are lucky, you might spot a dolphin or two. Then we have Ocean Grove. Its shoreline offers a lot of space for you and your friends and family to take some much-needed time to relax. With 130 miles of coastline in the entire state, you are spoilt for choice. So, when are you heading to NJ for your next beach visit

Anywhere you go in the US you can expect to experience a variety of festivals from food and music to kite festivals too. You are spoiled for choice and in NJ it’s no different. If you have never been to a hot air balloon festival you might want to consider making your way to New Jersey to experience this. The Warren Country Hot Air Balloon Festival is one we must note here. Thousands of people descend upon this open space for hours of fun in the sky, and if you’ve never experienced an open-top air ride before, you are going to want to check this one out.
Let your imagination run wild and check out some cool kite festivals such as LBI Fly. Here people truly take it to the next level with insane kites that feature massive blue whales, octopuses, divers, and some weird and wonderful others. 

So, we did not see this one coming, we don’t think anyone did. But waterfalls do exist in this state after all. There are 20 unique waterfalls and man, are they a site to see? One that stands out is Paterson Great Falls, since there is a railway bridge just in front of it, you can imagine how breathtaking this setting is. A beautiful place to take copious amounts of photos, Paterson Great Falls is 260-foot-wide, 77-foot-high, and is right in the middle of an urban setting, so you will not miss it on your next visit. It also features a range of activities on-site, so check it out.

The views
Look, many places on Earth offer spectacular views of nature. We love it and oftentimes, it’s the inspiration we need to have a great day, and this is exactly what New Jersey serves, some spectacular views of Manhattan. Yes, looking at a city landscape offers some cool viewing pleasure. Despite what people may think, the view of a city skyline is epic. If you are in Manhattan, it makes it extremely difficult to appreciate and even see its iconic skyline. But if you find yourself in Jersey City or Hoboken, you will be able to see across the waters and experience a view of Manhattan without the hustle and bustle. 

World’s largest theme park
There is something the US does well and that is theme parks. Six Flags Great Adventure has 58 attractions of which two are water rides and 14 are roller coasters. You can quite literally get lost and enjoy hours of fun in one location. It also has the tallest and fastest drop in the world and boasts 4D roller coaster experiences. If you ever find yourself in the Garden State, head to Six Flags and have some carefree fun!