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Where to holiday in the UK after the Olympic Games?

Where to holiday in the UK after the Olympic Games?

With the UK being broadcast all around the world this summer with the Olympics and Para-Olympic Games, those who have travelled to the UK to see some of the events may be wondering where to go next when in the UK. While others who are drawn in by the fantastic coverage of events by the BBC are already planning on visiting London to see the new Olympic landmarks.

There is a lot to weigh up in terms of options when visiting London. With its pricey rates to stay in hotels and the idea of being stuck in a major city should you want to also experience more of what the surrounding areas can offer you, look around at other opportunities.

Holidays in Cornwallare perfect for many types of holidaymakers. Those who live in the UK and would like to have gorgeous scenery, starry skies at night due to low light pollution and be close by to London on the train or by car to make quick and easy visits to the capital whist being able to go back to the quiet and sombre pace of Cornwall’s many towns and villages to truly unwind. Foreigners may only know the UK to be big glossy cities as seen on TV shows and movies, so to see what beaches and scenic majesty Cornwall has, it is a treasured area of the UK tourist industry. With the reliability and frequency of English transport, one can be in London within no time, or across in Devon, up to Wales or over to Brighton for some wild and exciting nightlife partying.

No holiday should just be about hotels and local restaurants and museums. These can all fit in neatly with many other holiday perks and pluses like those offered by Parkdean. Make the most of world renowned local tourist hotspots like The Eden Project, The National Seal Sanctuary and Newquay Zoo.

With resorts in Newquay, Holywell Bay, Crantock Beach, St Minver, Sea Acres and many more, one will be able to take the surf board down to the coast and dry off with a delicious Cornish cream tea! The picture postcard towns and villages all around Cornwall are to the UK what the Algarve is to France.

See the sites, taste the party highlife and visit the Olympic landmarks in London whilst a short ride away enter the joyous world of Cornwall and see a side of England you never knew existed.