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Visiting the world’s most exciting gaming destinations

Visiting the world’s most exciting gaming destinations

Love the thrill of hitting a big win? Why not combine it with a trip to one of the world’s most thrilling gaming destinations?

Whether you are in America or Asia, there are plenty of locales where fabulous casinos attract those looking to buck the odds in the bid of earning a quick fortune.

If you want to do the same, but you don’t know how to play, there are plenty of free sites on the web where you can learn the rules of any casino game.

Once you are clear on them, you’ll be ready to step into the real money arena anywhere in the world and run up a big win. 

Click to learn more about what you need to know and make us proud! Now that you are ready, here are the best places in the world where you can feel the thrill of live casino gaming.

1) Las Vegas
As the most famous destination on this list, Las Vegas doesn’t hold back when it comes to largeness and fabulousness. Up and down The Strip, resorts invite you with their bold design features and decadent amenities.

From the fountain show at the Bellagio to midway attractions at Circus Circus, there are plenty of fun things to do between the intense nightly gaming sessions you’ll enjoy.

If you are a night owl, sit in the poker rooms of your resort after Midnight, as this is when club-goers will sit down in the games. This will make it easier to hit a huge payday, so be sure to order a coffee early in the evening. 

2) Monte Carlo
If you are headed to the French Riviera on holiday, make an effort to pop over to the principality of Monaco.

An enclave for the wealthy, the residents of this part of the world often love to put their money at risk in a variety of locally popular casino games.

Looking to play ones that will make you feel like a true risk-taking European? Try Trente et Quarante, Baacarat, and in the poker room, Pot Limit Omaha.

All three of these games are exceeding difficult to find elsewhere in the world, so read up on the rules and give them a spin!

3) Macau
Many players in Asia readily embrace the challenge of gaming. For these players, the best games in the continent can be found within casinos found in the former Portuguese colony of Macau.

Now a special administrative region of China, it is a haven of legal gaming in a country that does not officially allow these institutions elsewhere.

Within the halls of the Grand Lisboa and the Wynn, you’ll find popular Chinese games like Sic Bo and Fan Tan alongside favorites like Baccarat.

When you aren’t busy spinning up your stake, don’t forget to take a wander through Macau’s historic center, as the Portuguese architecture stands in stark contrast to traditional and modern Chinese buildings found in other parts of the territory.