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Visiting the east? These are your must-visit places

Visiting the east? These are your must-visit places

If you live in the west, you have probably pondered the idea of visiting the other side of the planet and seeing what it is like. Now is the time to act on that curiosity and book those tickets. Asia has a plethora of world-class holiday destinations to its credit, and the number of tourists in these places increases with every year that passes.

Also, a holiday in an Asian or a Middle-Eastern city can give you the break you have always wanted from the bone-chilling winds in the western world.

Another thing that seems to attract hordes of western tourists is the sheer variety of food and cuisine that Asia has to offer. If you are looking to take the plunge and explore the other side of the planet, consider starting with the following cities - Dubai and Bali.

Dubai is popularly known to be home to the world’s tallest tower, ‘Burj Khalifa.’ It has cemented itself as one of the most frequented and one of the fastest-developing cities in the world. However, Dubai has also fallen victim to several unfounded stereotypes. 

An example of this is the stereotype that Dubai is mostly devoid of any culture and is all malls and skyscrapers. This is not true. Contrary to what you might believe, Dubai does have culture. If you want to find out about Dubai’s culture and roots, you can start by visiting the Etihad and Dubai Museums. Couple their fascinating culture and the splendor that Dubai exudes, and you can see why Dubai is frequented at scale. Here are a few places you should visit when you book your Dubai packages:

Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is known to house over 140 exquisite species of aquatic animals.

It has an aquarium tank that is said to be one of the most massive suspended aquarium tanks on the planet. Unlike most places in the world, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo offers a number of mindblowing activities you can do during your visit.

You can have the jaw-dropping experience of shark feeding wherein you will get to have watch divers attract the sharks with buckets of fish. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You also have the option of trying shark dives, cage snorkeling, scuba diving, and many other activities.

Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah is widely-known as Dubai’s spectacular artificial archipelago. It is often considered to be the epitome of beauty created by land reclamation and extends into the Persian Gulf. You can expect to find visitors getting their adrenaline pumping by going for sky diving at the Palm Jumeriah. If you are into thrills, skydiving over the archipelago is not the worst idea.

It has a stunning overhead view that shows how the archipelago resembles a palm tree with a circle. The Palm Jumeirah island is well-known for posh hotels and apartment towers, and upmarket global restaurants.

Bali is synonymous with honeymoon destinations. However, it seems to be attracting all kinds of people across all demographics and economic classes. Bali is known to have an extravagant nightlife and some incredible sites to see. With the sheer number of spectacular tourist attractions to visit, you are better off applying for Bali holiday packages.

Here are a few things you should know before visiting Bali:

● Given how Bali is one of the most popular and visited holiday destinations in the world, you can expect to find hordes of tourists.
● You may think that you can dress up in beachwear and get away with it in just about every social environment. However, this is not true. Relatively classy bars and restaurants usually follow a dress code and ensure their visitors do the same.
● Bali’s population is diverse. As a tourist, you need to know that people in Bali are traditional, and religion is an essential part of their culture, so be respectful of their beliefs and customs. Given how big a role tradition and religion play, do not be surprised if traffic gets blocked during a ceremony or a festival. You are better off planning your travel as per their festival dates. Dress modestly if you are visiting a mosque or another holy site.
● Learning the local language can not only help you have an easier time getting by but also better received by the locals. It is rare for foreigners to make an effort to learn the local language, so doing this can make your visit a little more rewarding.

There are a variety of things you can do in Bali. Visiting Mount Batur, however, is one for the books. Mount Batur is one of Bali’s best-known tourist attractions. Hundreds of visitors trek up the 1,700-meter summit of Mount Batur to gaze at the sunrise over the mist-covered mountains.

The active volcano is found int eh Kintamani District in Bali’s central highlands. You should not have much of a problem hiking along the well-marked trails.

It generally takes two or three hours to complete the trek. You can expect guided treks to include a picnic breakfast, with eggs cooked by the steam from the active volcano. If you are fortunate to go on a clear day, you are bound to enjoy a truly stunning view. You can also combine your trek with a trip to ‘Pura Ulun Danu Batur,’ which is one of Bali’s best-known temples.